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  𓋹 Sekhem 𓋹

Sekhem means power & might. For me, Sekhem is about the remembrance of self and returning home to who we truly are. As well as stepping into your authority, truth and power. It’s a universal energy healing system of love allowing us to be rooted, anchoring us like the roots of a tree, so we can move forward. Everyone’s journey is different with Sekhem but it calls you, and once you begin to receive and work with energy with humility and letting the ego go it will guide you deeply in this journey of life.


Sekhem was practiced in Kemet known as Egypt today. The symbols of Skehem can be seen on the temple walls. Kemet was the centre of knowledge. People travelled far and wide to study with the priests & priestesses and to be initiated into the healing arts. Sekhmet is a neteru who came into Egypt as a place of unknown and at a time which was not recorded. Sekhmet is connected with the root of Sekhem. A neteru that has 10,000 names. Sekhmet is powerful, no-nonsense, a mother healer, warrior and leader. 


Sound Healing

The gong is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. Archaeologists have unearthed gongs built almost four thousand years ago. Gongs have been used as shamanic healing tools, celebratory instruments and a method of communication. The sounds created by the gong do not sound like a percussion instrument so you can not predict where the sound will travel next. The Gong requires you to listen and be present with yourself, it allows you to travel within parts of you that needs to be explored to release and receive.  


Combining Sound & Sekhem is a beautiful union of vibrations co-creating, communicating with each other supporting the person with their intention and on the body, mind, and spiritual self. Clients I have worked with are needing support to ground back into their bodies, to connect with their hearts, releasing what no longer serves them on their journey so they can begin to step into their truth and power. 


I hold space in 1:1 containers, group classes and private events. 

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