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My healing journey began with Reiki & Sekhem, I was busy working in the film industry. My career was great: traveling the world, documenting amazing stories for BBC 3, BBC World, and other TV stations, brands, and organisations. It’s something I’m still passionate about and still doing today - but  I experienced a deep calling; that unshakeable knowing; a feeling you get that is powerful and real, yet intangible in this reality - making it difficult to understand what it is. Then I experienced Reiki & Sekhem, I knew this was what had been calling me. So when others talk of a  deeper calling, I know how what you mean.

I have always been a music head; for those who know me, the bass is my love language. When I found sound meditation every time I experienced a session I felt joyous, but also sound stirs up strong emotions, inviting them to rise up and be released. The deep cocoon that this creates relieves stress and anxiety. On my journey, the gong has opened me up to speaking more truth, more often. I am still growing, shifting and shaping my voice to speak this truth. Working with the gong as my practice continues to shred the layers. To ground me when things become challenging in life, to hold my own energy and not absorb others, embrace the shadow and light, connect and listen to my intuition to be able to speak my truth.






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